Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ravens Nest celebrates 1 year anniversary!


It has been one year since Ravens Nest was created. For one year, on and off, I have been writing any political thoughts that have come to my head. Over one year, the blog has become more sophisticated: I have added pictures, links, I occasionally put cartoons on it, and we even have a movie file, made by another Comrade.

On this day, I would like to thank all of my readers, all those who have visited, and all those who have left me messages, especially. It is your support, the aknowledgement that someone is reading my blog, that these dissident Marxist-Leninist opinions are getting out, that has probably kept me going this long. At first, when no one was visiting, I was beggining to lose hope, and was considering gettin grid of this blog. I thank every person who has read these thoughts, and I hope that you keep coming back to hear more.

Live the Revolution, comrades!

Comrade RavenBlade

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Stockwell and Me

In the week after Christmas Vacation, I was flying home from visiting family in Alberta.
I was standing at the airport in Calgary, ready to get on my plane. I was in line to go through the metal detector, and I recognized the person standing in front of me.

I wasn't sure, but I was very certain that I knew who the man was. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to go up to him and ask him.

"Excuse me sir, are you Stockwell day?

It was him. The former leader of the Canadian Alliance Party, now the public safety finance minister under the new regime.

I have to say, the experience was surreal to say the least. I imagine that meeting Day was like meeting Adolph Hitler: I knew that the man was a reactionary of the worst kind, a very destructive force to the peoples of Canada, and yet I was still in the presence of a man who was once quite powerful and even popular among the deluded disenfranchised masses.

In a way, I was looking into the eyes of the enemy. Here before me was one of the servants of the capitalist class. Here was a fundamentalist Christian, a fierce homophobe, a man who is now committing millions to step up border security, a vocal supporter of President George.W.Bush
and the war in Iraq ( In March 2003, he co-wrote a letter to the wall street journal, criticizing Canada's unwillingness to get involved in the war in Iraq.).

What should I say to this man? Should I reveal that I was a revolutionary Marxist-Leninist?
Should I criticize him for his policies (This wasn't a good idea, anyways. Never start an argument in the line for airport security; That's a good way to get strip searched.)?

Should I do like my Comrade Julian Ichim during the 2000 federal election, and splatter him in chocolate milk? ( the airport staff made me drink all of my beverages before going through security. Perhaps a government Apparatchik getting soaked, was just the kind of terrorist attack that lead them to ban it in the first place.)

What to do?

He asked me if I went to the University of Victoria, (which he did.).I took a picture, to verify my story to relatives and friends, and then he was off.

Such an odd encounter, especially knowing as he walked away that one day I might be among those punishing him for his crimes. I had come face to face with a representative of the enemy.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

commie Toon, January 14, 2007

Monday, January 01, 2007

2006: A year in Review


The imperialist wars of aggression raged in Iraq, Afghanistan and Haiti (and still do).

The Israeli Zionists launched a series of attacks on their neighbouring nation of Lebanon, murdering civilians ruthlessly with artillery strikes and bombing raids.

A crisis in Health occured for the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro Ruz. Still, he defied the United States and Infuriated the Miami drug lords by clinging to life to the present day.

The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea was the subject of a brutal smear campaign and economic sanctions by the imperialist powers , as they dared to test missiles and nulear weaponry, in the hopes of defending their besieged nation.

Iran, also, was under pressure for pursuing a nuclear power program.

On Mayday, upwards of 3 Million immigrants demonstrated in the United States and shut down many parts of the country, in defense of their rights against the scape-goat tactics of the American government.

In the Bolivarian republic of Venezuela, President Hugo Chavez Frias was re-elected by an overwhelming majority.

In Nepal, the Communist party of Nepal (Maoist) capitulated to the forces of the Nepalese government and the United Nations, as they laid down the arms in exchange for a spot as a political party in the Nepalese parliament.

In Caledonia, the Six Nations confederacy reclaimed traditional land from the Canadian settlers,
and have held it to the present day, despite many attempts to be driven out by forces of the Canadian state.

Overall, 2006 was a year where reaction seemed to be making a desperate struggle to maintain supremacy, lashing out in all directions at any nation/ group that they percieved as a threat. In everything that they do, from invasions to occupations, sanctions to propaganda campaigns, the
bourgeosie is AFRAID. While they publicly scoff at any notions that thier wars are doomed to failure, and that the people are growing discontent with the current system, every action that the Imperialists take speaks volumes about the depth of their crisis.

I am very hopeful for this new year of 2007. In this year, I suspect that the tide of public opinion will be even harder to hold back, and the imperialists will no longer be able to smile in public; the strain of the multitude of problems, military, economic, social, environmental, etc, will really begin to hit home in this year.

I suspect that this new year will be very interesting.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Building a new nest (?)

The Blogger Nazis keep trying to pressure me into upgrading to Blogger Beta.
The thing is, in order to do that, I need a google account. We'll have to see what happens with
this, because otherwise, I may not be able continue my Blog ( On blogger, anyways.).

If they keep pushing, I'll be forced to relocate. in which case, I'll try to archive all of my articles and take them with me.

I don't know...

If I do decide to leave, I'll leave behind an url to the new site.

Live the Revolution always, Comrades

Comrade Ravenblade

Monday, December 04, 2006

Revolution: The ONLY Solution

So, Hugo Chavez won the elections in Venezuela yesterday.

This, for now, could be a good thing for the world and for humanity. On the other hand, I've been thinking a lot about Chavez's victories.

How long is it going to last?

Eventually the ruling classes will dispense with any facade of democracy, when they realize that they can not win. When this happens, another coup will most likely occur.

The oligarchy will never accept the Bolivarian revolution.

On a related note, in Ecuador, socialist-leaning President Corea won, and in Bolivia, Evo Morales is initiating land reform for the good of the aboriginals and peasants.

And in both of these cases also, the national bourgeoisie of these countries has fought the progressive forces every step of the way.

Once again, how much longer is it going to last?

Hugo Chavez has made many great changes in Venezuela under the Bolivarian Revolution, but all of them can be overturned. All of the Changes made under Chavez can be reversed.
The same goes for Morales. All it would take is one successful coup to completely negate all progress in the socialist-leaning nations of Latin America.

I have great respect for Chavez. I have great respect for Morales. My issue is, if their progress is going to survive, they are going to need a revolution, not reform. How much longer can these Presidents walk the path of capitalist parliamentary democracy? With every victory they push the disenfranchised capitalist class towards more extreme measures. For now they are beating the cappies at the election game, but how much longer is this going to last? The Oligarchs have already shown distaste for the democratic process in Venezuela, and they are also boycotting the democratic process in Bolivia.

Revolution, at this point, is the only solution. For one class to truly seize power from another, the other class must be truly defeated. The means to wage war or hinder the progress of the revolution must be forcefully removed from the bourgeoisie class for a revolution to truly take root. At this time, the oligrachs still possess the means to initiate a coup, or a civil war, so all of the acomplishments of the progressive states of Latin America are constantly in jeopardy.

Also, all private property in the form of land ownership needs to be completely abolished.
This may sound dogmatic to some, but it makes little difference in Venezuela when the common person still is not guaranteed a means of living, or a place to live. It is one thing to build low cost housing; it's another thing to continue to allow some to be charged for the right to live in their hovels.

Reform is a temporary thing. In the long run it is perhaps preferable to the system that used to exist in Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and others. Still, the fact remains that Capitalism is a cancerous growth. It is one thing to treat cancer, but I think most people would rather cure it completely.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Commie Toon Nov.29/2006